More recipes for the Janome Cover Pro transparent binding foot

This week I have tested a few more uses for my new binding foot. This is definitely proving to be an all-rounder.

Assembling with the chain stitch

attaching fleece plus cot lycra

As I was making a lined hoodie for one of my grandchildren, I decided to attach the edges of the cotton lycra lining to the light weight fleece jacket before binding it with double folded ribbing tape. The guide at the right of the transparent foot keeps the fabrics from wandering off and the chain stitch lands perfectly at approximately 4,5 to 5mm from the edge.

If you are still looking for settings, here is the recipe I used. Please bear in mind that settings may vary depending on the weight of the fabric and the type of thread that is being used.

Assemblling double layer

Gathering with the chain stitch

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I love using my coverstitch machines for gathering and I have already written about it here. The biggest challenge when gathering is keeping the strip of fabric from slaloming recklessly as the increased differential and stitch length push it forward. The transparent binding foot with the guide keeps the fabric nicely on track.

Gathering Janome cover pro

Top stitching along a zipper

Guiding top stitching zipper

This was very easy up to the point where I had to move the slider past the needle. I just managed while lowering the needle half way, raising the presser foot and wriggling and praying for NO skipped stitches. It went well.

Top stitching along zipper

AND! while it is a binding foot, double fold binding over no less than two layers!

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Opinions about how to set the pressure knob at the top of the machine vary. I did get good results turning it up to 14mm in the sample with the yellow woolly nylon. I do prefer to work with a bit more pressure on the foot and increased differential as seen in the sample with the white stretch thread. Please note how different the settings for the looper sometimes have to be to get a good results. So this recipe is just a guide line not a fool-proof solution.

double fold binding gunoldDouble fold binding threadart

I have got more testing planned for this little foot but that’s all for now folks!


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