Binding a V-neckline

Recently a member of the Facebook Coverstitch group asked if it is possible to bind a V-neckline using a binder? What a cool question, V-necklines are my favorites!

Sometimes attaching the tape with a binder is not a real option, like when a bulky braid gets in the way. The shirt on the left in the featured image was done in two steps the way  I have written and illustrated here .

2 v necks 2

But the idea of trying this all in one go with a binder, woke up the novelty seeker in me, and off I went to play with a dozen test necklines. It proved to be very doable with a binder indeed and I finished some real wearables with neat V-necklines for myself in the meantime.

I have tried with both my Janome 2000cpx (salmon colored top) and my Babylock Coverstitch and both worked well. Here is the recipe I used for the following tests on the Babylock CS:

Single fold binding Babylock Coverstitch V-neckline

V point after binding with ripple

tacked down v- neckFor a clean result I need to start with an accurately cut V-point. Then the neckline will show a slight ripple at that point as it comes out of the binder. If this is more than I like, I tack down the point with a couple of straight stitches on my sewing machine.

A few words about cutting the binding tape. I am using a single fold binder here, cut width 28mm. Most of the time I use 95/5 cotton lycra ribbing like the blue one in the image above but I also use self fabric or cotton lycra jersey knit. I try to get ribbing that  weighs no more than 240 grams per square meter because anything heavier seems to drag in the binder. When I use ribbing I cut the tape a little wider, +/- 29mm, because it tends to stretch and thin out.

Want to see this in action?

If you decide to give it a try, happy Coverstitching!